Strong, yet feminine

In a world where career is given more importance than most things, a little trekking trip now and then does add the fun to what could otherwise be a mundane life. Women have taken up to participating in many outdoor activities that give them the chance to explore their adventurous side. The need of the hour is to be prepared for anything that the weather can throw at you.

The best women’s rain jacket is one of them. The jacket not only protects her from the rain but also keeps her warm and safe. She wants to know that the clothes that she has worn beneath the rain jacket are protected as well. she does not want to feel too hot and sultry. Her movements should not be restricted by a bulky jacket. When not raining, she should be able to pack it in a compressible manner and carry it with her in a backpack. That means the jacket should be light and easy to carry along.

Some chose to wear this piece of clothing when the air is damp as well. It need not be heavy rains that should prompt the need for a rain jacket. I only like these types of rain jackets for women. This jacket is also known for keeping her warm and cozy.

The average weight of a rain jacket for a woman is 10 to 11 oz. The fabric layers and the material with which it is made should be suitable to the weather as well as the individual. A waterproof jacket with breathable technology makes it one of the most in-demand jackets a woman could ask for. The front zipper must be tight and close not leaving any gap for the water to seep in. When the jacket is removed, the clothes in should not show any sign of the fact that it did rain.

The perfect rain jacket is strong and yet does not deprive a woman of her feminity.