How To Lose Three Pounds A Week?

To lose 3 pounds a week you will have to make significant changes in your daily diet and lifestyle. To lose one pound of fat you will have to create a deficit of 3500 calories. To create this deficit you will have to eat less and work more. By reducing your intake of calories and including calorie burning exercises into your daily routine you can lose 3 lbs in a week. To lose 3 lbs a week you will have to create a deficit of 10500 calories which is possible if you put an extra effort and be strict with what you consume.

The first step would be to determine the amount of food intake that would meet your body’s requirements. Falling below the recommended intake of 1200 calories per day is not advisable as it will lead to a lot of health complications and bring about nutrient deficiency. If you find it difficult to follow a calorie controlled diet plan on your own, you can seek help of weight loss programs like Nutrisystem. In the beginning of year 2018, Nutrisystem has launched a new diet plan called Turbo 13 which claims to offer weight loss up to 13lbs and 7 inches in the first month. The program offers diet plan for people with health conditions like type 2 diabetes as well. Visiting this website will help you learn more about the diet program.

To lose pounds fast it is not sufficient that you focus on the calorie intake alone; it is necessary that you keep an eye on your cabrs intake. Carbohydrates are the power source for the body to function. Therefore you should not fully cut carbs from your daily diet instead stay away from the harmful cabrs like refined or processed carbs. If you are fond of breads and pasta, go for the ones that are made with whole grains instead of refined flour. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet provides you with necessary nutrients and also the carbs. Drinking plenty of water helps you eliminate the waste and toxins and promote weight loss.