My Lighting List Guide For New Homes

Choosing the decor, lightings, electrical, paint, and plumbing work for a new house is very important, else things might seem they are out of place and not belong to one entity. Therefore, before you go shopping for these items, plan ahead. Here are some quick tips to follow while shopping for lightings for your new homes. Remember to follow these simple rules to get it right.

  1. First of all, make a complete list of all the different rooms that are there in your house including the living room, dining hall, bedrooms, store, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, door fronts and garage.
  2. Make a list of the total number of lighting provisions that are available in each of these rooms. Get the number right as you do not want to get more or less of the light fittings when you go shopping.
  3. Think of all the different activities that the room will cater to in the future. Also, consider how you are planning to decorate and arrange each room. Based on these two thoughts, plan on how you want the room to look and which parts of the room you want to focus and which parts you want to hide subtly.
  4. Also, make a list of the different types of light bulbs and specialty lightings like chandeliers and wall scones you want to fix in the house and again make a note of the exact number against each type. Although chandeliers and wall sconces may look extravagant and cost more, they will double the accent lighting and give a rich look.
  5. Bear in mind not to choose lightings randomly rather buy lightings that will give a harmonized look throughout the room and the entire home.

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