Best Places To Buy Toys

I know not every parent is going to agree with me:

Online shopping with all its trappings of getting delivery at home and sitting in the comfort of one’s own home and clicking and shopping may seem like a brilliant idea for anything but toys!

Toys are something that one needs t physically go up to the store and then shop. But this may go virtually against the principles of power shopping. If you are a big fan of power shopping and you think that you know what you want and you will das out with what you want then you may be in for a surprise.

How can I say so confidently?

The reason for my confidence is that before I conceived my twins, I was a power shopper. I used to make a list of the things I needed t acquire, chart out a shopping trail and set out. I would allow myself two hours maximum at any given place and then if I was not able to decide on the chattel would walk out determined to come back with more homework.

But the myths were scattered after my twin boys have wrecked havoc (yes literally) in my life. They are twosome who are adept at the art of breaking toys and every month I find myself at the store trying to buy pocket-friendly toys so that it does not hurt too much when they are broken or are lost.

Now, the twins ate four and if you ask me what are the great toys for 4 year old boys, my answer will be guns and remote-controlled vehicles. They simply freak out on these two and I have a dump yard full of broken spare parts of these two toys but never mind!

I prefer to buy toys that adhere to the European standards for quality and I am a responsible citizen so I recycle the electronic waste at the center only. The plastic is also given at the recycling collection unit because I feel that this is the minimum that we can do to make sure that our children inherit a livable planet!